What Makes a Good Burger?


Surprise a Date with the Perfect Burger

You've been seeing a special someone for a few months, and it is time to let your hair down together. There is nothing better for this dating scenario than inviting them over to watch your favorite team play and having a meal together. Game day food is an important selection. It calls for robust food and forget the calorie count. This is the day to cook the best burger and serve it up with traditional sides.

Cooking a great burger is considered an art. Many people look at toppings, but without a good burger, the toppings are useless. Start your burger off right by choosing 80/20 hamburger. Make the patties by hand. They must be thick. Poke a hole in the middle to determine cooking time. Once the hole closes up on both sides, the burger will be done perfectly. Whether cooking on a grill or frying pan, never use the spatula to press the burger. This lets all the juicy goodness run away.

The bun is the perfect platform for a burger. It should be soft, but toasting it adds a level of flavor and crunch. Choose toppings your date will love such as mayonnaise for smoothness, mustard for zing and a good melting cheese for the final minutes of burger cooking. Lettuce and tomato are traditional toppings, but bacon will steal the show here. Serve it with chips or fries, coleslaw on the side and a pickle for a traditional dining experience. Don't forget to add a generous helping of napkins when sharing this juicy delight.

There is nothing better than sitting down on game day with a hearty burger. It should be juicy, full of flavor and topped like a three tier cake at a special event. The sides vary, but don't really matter as the burger will steal the show. Serving this meal to a date guarantees they will know you can let your hair down when fun is on the menu.