What Makes a Good Burger?


5 USA Destinations for a Great Burger Experience

America is the home of the great hamburger and what better country to visit than the good old United States of America to taste the delights of how hamburgers should taste.

BSpot (Woodmere, OH)

The most famous burger created by BSpots one and only owner is called the Yo Burger. This delicious dish is made with fried salami, provolone, shasha sauce and pickle all laid on top of a perfectly cooked hamburger. This burger was a big hit at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and even won the top prize!

Burger Joint (Chazey, NY)

Inside the Le Parker Meridien behind closed curtains is a small restaurant called the Burger Joint. At the Burger Joint you will find grilled burgers with all the works including lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayo. Alongside of these delicious burgers are fries, milkshakes and a variety of different beers on tap.

Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers (Dallas, TX)

Chip's is just about as old fashioned as you can get with perfectly grilled hamburgers on poppy seed buns, topped with mayo, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onion. This old fashioned restaurant takes things to the extreme when it comes to making diner food like back in the 70's and 80's, making it the perfect burger destination to visit with your friends and family.

Flip Burger Boutique (Atlanta, GA)

Richard Blais is an out-of-the-box, well-experienced chef that can certainly put his skills out there for customers to see with his brilliantly made burgers. All burgers at the Flip Burger Boutique comes with a side of thinly cut french fries and a small side of the best cole slaw you have ever experienced.

Good Stuff Eatery ( Washington, DC)

The Top Chef Spike Mendelesohn is cook that is behind the brilliance of the Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, DC. This Eatery offers hand cut french fries, overstuffed burgers and even a specialty burger for vegetarians called the shroom burger which is made out cheese-stuffed portbello tops. How Delicious does that sound?

Watch a video of Gordon Ramsey struggling to get his mouth around an American Cowboy Burger.  This is not the normal experience you would expect from an American burger diner.